About me

I’m Jeffrey Thomas. I’m a former Research Scientist and currently an IT Systems Engineer. I enjoy reading and writing fiction – mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and finally decided that I wanted to start publishing my work. I’ve written a number of articles for various publications (see my Bibliography/Articles Page), and have a number of novels in various stages of completion.

In my other persona, Kojak Durham, I have a blog here, and make videos on YouTube where I discuss other loves of my life – such as all things science and technolology. I enjoy doing product review videos and lifestyle videos for ‘regular people’. As a self-described ‘regular guy’, I don’t spend every waking moment doing one thing like so many other online personalities do. I talk about all sorts of topics that relate to just about anyone. I love music – both listening and playing (guitar, pennywhistle, djembe, piano, you name it), movies, cooking, gardening, and computers – after all, I am a full-time computer engineer. I also like to make things – everything from a custom bed frame with built-in LED reading lights, to a folding garage workbench, to a portable speaker system.