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Praise for Osiris

“…within the first few pages the action starts, bringing in central characters and really cool tech.  It’s the sci-fi military tactics that pulled me in from the beginning. This is all in preparation for corporate intrigue, with a dash of “Die Hard in space” I highly recommend this book!”

“I really enjoyed reading this book… Everything comes together in a way that’s so good. The story is super-engaging and funny and the characters were so interesting and had a lot of personality. I just had such a good time reading this book.

” Totally enjoyed this book. Can’t wait for book 2 to see what happens next to Derek, JT and Elena.”

“An excellent read. A perfect blend of action, comedy and suspense kept me burning through the pages. Look forward to seeing where the next book takes Captain Cross.”

I received an in-depth review of Osiris on the Literary Portals website. The reviewer spent a lot of time reading and evaluating the book, and although it rated at 3 stars, she had great things to say about Osiris, and the possibilities that the series holds. I hope I do it justice with the upcoming books. Here are some excerpts:

“The worldbuilding and the futuristic technologies are well imagined and the author provides enough contextual information to get a good sense of this future reality. “

“Also well-thought-of were the (realistic) impact of long term social isolation on a person and the (imaginary) side effects of the flux drives on the environment and human body. The first half of the book focus on introducing the characters, their personal history and reasons to join Project Osiris, while the pace picks up in the second half with thrilling action sequences. “

“…and Frederick Samson, a terrific antagonist, so smooth and collected on the surface but secretly following a devious plan years in the making – I really enjoyed following this character throughout the whole plot, the way the author had the character set each step of his plan was pure genius!”

“Osiris is an action-packed science fiction thriller set in a future where humanity begins exploring and colonizing planets outside our solar system. Recommended for those who enjoy sci-fi stories with military, space exploration and colonization elements.”

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I received another in-depth review of Osiris on from a Goodreads member who reads voraciously. As with Literary Portals, she it rated at 3 stars. She also had great things to say about Osiris, but was great to point out places for improvement with future books. Here are some excerpts:

“… I was really surprised to see how good it was. The space adventure and the whole Dystopian world was really well done, and I was quite impressed.”

” I loved learning about the way technology enriched the characters lives and the planet. It was absolutely beautiful, and didn’t seem to be info-dumpy at least. There was a lot of world-building, but it was spread out in the entire book making it seem realistic while not taking anything away from the plot.”

” The writing was really gorgeous. I liked it and it brought the whole story alive. I felt like I was there…”

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